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I heard Jesus, He drank wine and I bet we'd get along just fine

Itty Bitty Piggy ♥
20 April 1987
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My name is Amanda, but everyone calls me Piggy
I'm 25
Married to my awesome husband on May 8, 2010.
We have two furry babies, Peppers and Onions, Himalayan sisters.
Residing in Youngstown, Ohio. I love this city.
No plans for any real babies in the near future.
Liberal, pro-choice, pro-union, sex-positive, pro-marriage equality, feminist.
I'm a hunter and fisher, but still for moderate gun control.
I love to read, sing and procrastinate.
Working on weight loss, getting fit and getting healthy.
I have purple hair.
I also have a raccoon.

I'm pretty awesome.
24, america's next top model, auburn tigers, bartending, bears, blackberry, blogging, body mods, books, brady quinn, bret michaels, bridezillas, british shorthair cats, cars, cavalier king charles spaniels, chanel, chelsea handler, china glaze, chipotle, chococat, cinnamaroll, clemson tigers, clemson university, cleveland, coach, coaching, comedy, cooking, cosmetics, cosmopolitans, country music, dance, desserts, dooney & burke, drink mixing, education, english, english bulldogs, essie, eyeshadow, family guy, florida gators, food, football, georgia bulldogs, ghost hunters, greece, guitar hero, hair color, heels, hello kitty, himilayan cats, hines ward, humor, hunting, ice cream, ipod, italy, itunes, jack bauer, jackie kennedy, jackie o, jerky, joaquin phoenix, jodi picoult, johnny cash, karaoke, kittens, law and order svu, leopard print, literature, louis vuitton, mac, makeup, marilyn monroe, martinis, matthew stafford, meerkat manor, miami hurricanes, michael jackson, miss piggy, mixed drinks, music, nail art, naps, opi, ouzo, paranormal, paranormal state, persian cats, phantom of the opera, piercings, piglets, pittsburgh steelers, poison, pooping, rabbits, reading, recipes, red stripe, red wanting blue, road trips, rock of love, roller coaster tycoon, sandra lee, santonio holmes, shoes, shooting, shopping, siamese cats, singing, snark, social distortion, sociology, southern cooking, speech and debate, spongebob, stephen lynch, steve madden, sunglasses, sushi, swimming, tanning, tattoos, taylor swift, teaching, texting, the simpsons, the sims 2, the sims 3, tim tebow, traveling, uga, underwear, university of georgia, virginia beach, webkinz, wedding planning, weimaraners, westies, whiskers, wine, wine tasting, yorkies. the sims, youngstown, zoo tycoon, ♥. nail polish