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I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm going to be talking about domestic violence and abuse. If that bothers anybody, this is the entry to skip.

I haven't mentioned it in my journal (I don't think?) but I've said it here and there in a few communities that my parents are getting divorced. This has been a long time coming and I'm not upset at all by it but the whole situation just sucks, especially with me living over an hour away. I wish I could be there for my mom and my sister, especially my brother who's just reliving this whole thing again. My mom's first divorce was really hard on him and I know this is making him just remember all that crap.

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Ugh.... Peppers is pretty goddamn mad at me right now.

Every once in awhile, she just gets a tummy ache and gets the squirts. I'm convinced that her intestinal system is identical to mine because she'll spend forever hanging out in the litter box and keep going back every few minutes and then she's magically fine again. But usually it ends in me having to throw her in the tub or have Jim hold her so I can cut poo out of her fur.

This happened last night.

I hear her scratching around in her litter box. Then she comes out.. goes back in... comes back out... stands in the hallway meowing about how she just pooped like 7 times in 4 minutes.. then goes back to poop. The problem with what she does is that is obsessive about getting every speck of litter off of her paws so it's not the act of her pooping that gets it all over her fur, it's her kicking around everything in the box. Couple that with the fact that she just sits down in there too. So I scoop her up and of course she has a dingleberry hanging off her leg and I have to cut it out. She kicks and scratches even though I'm not even touching her but we clean her up and she's fine for the night.

Well this evening, I was laying on the bed reading for school and I hear her in the litter box a few times in a row again. Dammit. This time she runs in the bedroom and jumps straight on the bed with me. Past experiences have proven that this means she's covered in poop. No surprise here, I throw her in the bathroom and find my rubber gloves and attempt to bathe her back half, by myself. Horrible idea. In the past, I've given her half baths only with Jim's help. But he wasn't around so I had to attempt this myself. Stupid mistake number one was starting the water with her in the bathroom. So my attempt to put her in the tub without getting filleted were unsuccessful. This cat has only 2 claws exposed in the front and the rest are capped. She managed to scale my body and attempt to climb over me. While I was telling her 'no', she managed to slice my gums. I'm only trying to put her back legs and butt in the water and manage to get her in there but giving her the leverage of standing against the tub makes her think that I'm being careless and attempts to flee at every opportunity. I'm attempting to keep her calm and keep her mostly dry but she fights me off and winds up falling back in the water, making her whole belly and front paws wet now. Eventually this bath gets done, but only with soaking wet paws clinging to my hoodie with her claws dug into the fabric, just barely missing my skin and drenching me completely. I'm more wet than the goddamn cat.

At that point, I forgot that I didn't have any towels in the bathroom and I have to wrap her in a sham-wow. Thankfully she's tiny. I usually blow-dry her after a bath but every part of her that is wet is the part that she refuses to let me dry without a battle. I just gave up and she's walking around looking like a bare-assed poodle because her back and face are still fully fluffy while her ass and feet are wet. I'll brush her out later (another battle) because I can't even do it right now. She won't come near me and I don't feel like getting scratched again. You win, Peppers. You win.

Now she's sulking around the house. Here's what she looks like, except this was taken on another day filled with no baths and no pants-pooping.


Trip from Hell.

So yesterday was supposed to be our trip to West Virginia to hit up Cabela's so Jim could get some stuff for fly fishing and I could get some more stuff for pheasant hunting and check out a couple compound bows and a shotgun. That trip went horribly wrong, but it was almost comical.

It takes us just under 2 hours to get there and we usually drive along the eastern edge of Ohio along the river to get down there. About 40 minutes into the trip, we start hearing this weird banging sound, like when you were a kid and stuck a baseball card in the spokes of your bike but it was against the side of the truck instead. Jim's not a car guy but he knows that when you hear something like that, you pull the hell over. If we hadn't gotten over when we did, we would have had a complete tire blowout. There was a tear right in the tread and the flap of tire was knocking against the wheel well. No idea how what we hit to cause it because we didn't even get into the road construction yet so and he hadn't driven his truck that day until we left. So now we're sitting in buttfuck east Ohio on the side of the road waiting on AAA. There weren't any mile markers and the only way to really find where we were was for me to trek along the highway until I found a sign that said how far away from the next city we were. 20 minutes turns into almost 45 because apparently the jackass at AAA told the tow guy that we were in a different car than we actually were and he just happened to be passing along on the other side of the highway and saw us hanging out. Here comes the drama.

We THOUGHT we had a spare but it turns out that some asshole cut the cables under the truck and STOLE THE FUCKING SPARE. So the tow guy is pretty cool and tells us that he has a spare that will fit our truck and says that he'll sell it to us for 20 bucks and change the tire for us to save us money on the tow and buying a whole new tire. Sweet deal right? We still have time to get to WV and we head out on our way after he changes the tire and we start driving after he takes the messed up tire and puts our old rim back in the bed. We get no more than a mile down the road and Jim says to me 'Do you see smoke?' I can't see anything on my side and he's like dude, I'm gonna check this shit out. We change lanes to get off at the next exit and see what's up and then it sounds like a gunshot went off and we're on 3 wheels. The spare blew out. So now we're right back where we started. Son of a bitch. Right before we lost the tire, we saw the tow guy about a mile ahead of us picking up another guy. Back to square one, we call the tow guy back and he said he'll head back for us as soon as he drops the other guy off at the next exit and we had to call AAA back to reopen our help request. This time we get loaded up on the flatbed and I'm frantically calling the nearest Wal-Mart to make sure that we can get into their tire center before they close. The guy feels bad and he gives us our 20 bucks back and only charges us half of what we'd be charged for the tow since we were having some shitty luck. By this time, I can't stop laughing because now I'm sitting in a big rig and the only dead animals that I've seen so far were roadkill that were sitting by each one of our off road stops. Jim's ready to explode because this is just another thing in the long line of shitty luck that we've had with this truck. I swear we got this thing with some voodoo curse on it because there has been nothing but bad things happening to it for the past 4 years. Allow me to divert for a second to share all of the things that have happened to this truck.

It's a 2002 Chevy S10, purchased in 2006, so fairly new. When we got it, we were down at Ohio State and his parents bought it for him because his last car completely just died and he needed a car to get to work and get home. They were going to get him a truck for graduation later that year, but his car didn't last until then and we both were relying on his car to get to work. So his parents drive the truck down for us and all's good. Then shit started happening. Before the school year was finished, the gas cap was stolen, some drunk ran into the side passenger mirror and bent it clean off but they were nice enough to place it back on like it wasn't broken at all so when I opened the door, it fell off into the grass. Then around my birthday, he started having trouble with it not starting. It would just randomly die and we'd need a jump constantly. Turns out the battery was bad and we had to have it replaced, something like the cells were reversed or something. Then he graduates and the problems seem to stop for awhile until my birthday rolls around the next year again. He's at his friend's house watching the NFL draft while I went somewhere with his mom and sister. When they drop me off at the party later, his dad pulls up and says 'Where the hell is his back window?' So I get him on the phone and they all come outside and we see a missing back window and a ton of glass on the ground. Turns out some little turds were using his truck as target practice with their BB guns and shot out his window and left tons of little pellet marks along the side. Thankfully the window was on the cap so they could take the cap off and he could drive his truck like a regular pickup until it was fixed. Since then, we've gone through 2 more batteries, a windshield, the spare was stolen and the lock on the cap was broken.

Come to think of it, it's not the truck, it's him. He's gone through 3 cars since he started driving and all of them were weird freak occurrences. He hit a deer in his first car and then totaled it about a year later when he was going down a hill and the brakes failed. Then in the car before the truck, the back window was smashed out and broken into while he was fishing and then it totally died a year later. Now this. My grandpa is rolling in his grave right now that I married somebody who drives a Chevy instead of a Ford and would even consider buying a Dodge and can't do more in terms of maintenance past checking the oil and refilling the wiper fluid. I can just see him right now having a stroke over this haha. On the other hand, my car is almost 18 years old with almost 170,000 miles on it and my only issue in the past 4 years has been one dead battery, a fuse that made my check engine light stay on and having to replace a headlight or two. I'm starting to think that maybe he's the one that needs the new car first but I think it's just him, not the cars. At least he's not being a jackass and totaling them by being stupid like my ex though, that's the bright side of this for me.

So when I left off, we were at a Wal-Mart in East Liverpool. We had the papers with the tire info from when he got the new front tires so I go in while they're unloading the truck from the flatbed and get us a new tire. When I come out with the guy who needs to verify some info, they're trying to drive the truck into the loading area so they can get the new tire on and I'm dying because they have no choice but to drive the couple feet on the rim and it's making this terrible sound as the remnants of the last tire that was absolutely shredded is just flopping around and just serving as a cushion so the rim isn't scraping against the ground at this point. We decide to wander around the store while they worked and I had this ridiculous upset stomach from drinking coffee and being nervous so I need to find a bathroom. Of course after I do my business, I find out that not only is there no toilet paper in my stall, there aren't any of those paper ass guards either and I tried to reach up into the next stall to see if there was any paper hanging low enough for me to grab and pull down without leaving the stall but of course not. So I had to book it to the next stall with my pants down. Wonderful. After that fun experience, the truck was already done so we head back and pay for the service. I stayed back and asked some questions to the tire guys while Jim was over by the truck. Now for some reason, my 'knows nothing about cars' husband stuck his hand behind the tire to check for... something. He doesn't know what he was looking for and neither do I but he called us over and had me stick my hand back there. I have pretty small hands and I couldn't run my hand along the back of the tire because there were 2 bolts crammed right up against the tire and if we drove on it again, we wouldn't have made it home because it would just grind against the tire until it found a weak spot and it would burst again. Now we're starting to worry about the actual frame of the vehicle because this new tire is sitting really far in compared to the other one and it seems that these bolts are the ones holding in the crossbeams under the back end and we're afraid that it means it's off center and it's just gonna fall off next. Then I step back and take a look at the side of the car and realize that the rim of the new tire didn't match our rims. None of us realized that we were using the rim of the spare from the tow guy and not our own, which is what caused the second tire to burst. The tire guys can't believe that they didn't think of that either and change the rim for us, that we still had in the back. The spare rim wasn't as deep as ours so when that one was used, it allowed the tire to sit deeper on the axle and pushed it up against the bolts. With the old rim on and the new tire, I could slide my hand through the back of the tire without catching my hand on the bolt at all. When they drove the car back into the loading area, you could just hear the bolt grinding against the tire, which is where the smoke was coming from before the second tire burst. No idea what made him stick his hand back there but if he hadn't, we wouldn't have made it home and we would have been screwed because we were the last truck they saw before they closed.

So we made it back home when we assumed we'd be getting home from West Virginia, but the farthest we got was a Wal-Mart 45 minutes away. We're trying again today. Wish me luck because I'm officially afraid to travel with my husband because of his apparent string of bad vehicular luck.
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I finally cracked and went job hunting today. Called a few tanning salons, filled out some apps. Hopefully I get called so we can have some money for the summer.

I have to get another damn loan for summer semester since I don't think my summer aide covers me being a fulltime student for the semester. I think I only need 3 classes and I can get away with one per session which is good because summer classes are three hours long and just unbearable. At least they're only twice a week but still. Would it kill them to offer some online classes for the summer sessions so I don't have to get all sweaty in the classroom?

I REALLY want to get one of these jobs so I can put away some money so we can finally go on a honeymoon. I don't want to go anywhere fancy, maybe to Virginia Beach or Orlando so we can go to some amusement parks and chill at the beach. I'm pushing for Orlando because I want to go to Sea World in the worst goddamn way. Ohio makes me so mad because they outsourced my Shamu and I don't have a Sea World anymore. I frigging love Sea World. It's an unhealthy obsession. I just wanna see Shamu and Namu and Clyde and Seymour, dammit! Fun fact, my kindergarten class cut the ribbon for Ohio's Shark Encounter at Sea World because our school mascot was the sharks. I live about 20 minutes away from where Sea World used to be and I get so sad passing that up because I could've been there all the time now! I was spoiled by Cleveland and Columbus because I was 15 minutes away from a zoo. Now I'm an hour or more away from Cleveland or Pittsburgh. But lets be honest here, what kind of sad sad zoo would a Youngstown Zoo be? Lol, that would be a monstrosity.

Maybe I can appeal to Jim being a history nerd and we can go to DC. The zoo is free and they have pandas! I want him to see Arlington and the Smithsonian and the National Cathedral. He would have a lot of fun with that. It just sucks that we're only really free in the summer and it's ass-ridiculous hot there in the summer. The last time I went, my ass was stuck to the seats on the tour bus and I thought I was going to light a fire between my thighs from all the chub rub. It was an awesome trip though. I think we could pull it off, as long as he can handle all of the walking with his ankle. The hotels that make it convenient to walk everywhere are more expensive and the ones that are further away require us to drive and want to go apeshit in traffic. Speaking of ape shit, I think he'd get a real kick out of seeing the orangutans that cross over the walkways on their little ropes too. Maybe if my mom goes on vacation this year, we'll tag along.

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Ok so the funeral home business is a go. I will be enrolling in PIMS in the fall to get started and in a year from now, I'll be a licensed embalmer and funeral director. I even found somebody who wants to work for me already to help me with hair and makeup for the bodies. I'm really excited because now that everybody around me knows that I'm serious about this, I've got full support.

I actually had an idea to set myself apart from other businesses as well and was hoping that people would weigh in on this. I'm trying to provide the most family-friendly atmosphere as possible because I grew up going to funerals and was never scared or upset by them (except when it was my grandparents but that was because they were hard losses for me) but that is just my personality, obviously because I want to make it my living. I know that sometimes people want to bring their children to say goodbye but sometimes kids get scared or don't understand. What I'd like to do is set up a little children's room/corner/nook thing with kid friendly books explaining death. That way, parents can bring their child to the service but there is a safe place for them to stay if they're not ready to come view the body.

Another thing that I'd like to do, since I'm getting certified as a grief counselor as well, is to organize a group for kids dealing with loss. I was thinking of doing this in age groups like 4-9, 10-14 and 15+. Depending on the age groups, the activities would be tailored to fit their needs. Books and activity based for the younger groups and maybe more discussion and coping methods for the older groups. I'd love to organize something like a balloon release in the spring for the kids. I just think it would be a good community program because sometimes the mourning process in children is sometimes forgotten because people assume that they're so resilient and will bounce back right away but it's not always the case. Also, because death can be such a taboo topic, kids can speak freely in these groups and discuss their feelings and maybe it won't be such a scary experience for them anymore. I think it would just be something that would be beneficial for children. Another thing I was considering was doing a tour of the funeral home (when there aren't any bodies on display, obviously) and show them that it's not a scary place. I mean, I wouldn't have them sit in on an embalming but taking them around to the viewing rooms, showing them the cars, explaining what goes into planning, etc.

How does something like this sound? If you had kids, would you want them to participate in something like this? If anyone has any book suggestions, let me know too. I have a list started already. I'd probably mix in a few non-death related books too.
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Karaoke plans for Sunday.

Toucha-touch-a-touch me, Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's gonna happen.

This sounds super nerdy but... would anyone be actually interested in seeing videos of my husband and myself do karaoke, lol? We're not bad and we have tons of fun and pick interesting songs. I always wanted to post some videos but I wasn't sure if anyone would give a damn.

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Omg, I'm so sick right now. I just want some peppermint ice cream and some apple cinnamon tea. Of course I get sick during finals week after not being sick all year. To make matters worse, the snow is getting ridiculous. I'm terrified of driving in the snow and I have to go on the highway and everybody behind me is going to be so pissed off because I drive like an old lady when it's snowing.

Good news on the job front. Jim's last day at the middle school is Friday (boo) but he hit 60 days so his last check will be a biggie. He had an interview last week with a school that needed a long term sub for 8 weeks and the teacher is planning to finish out the year and then retire and whoever they hire in will get the job full time. I really freaking hope he gets it but because of the snow days, he hasn't heard back from them yet since school was closed the past 2 days for them. Fingers crossed :)